Early Extension Golf Swing Improvement Tips

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Early Extension is a very common problem that greatly affects a golfer's ability to have a repeatable impact position.

When you have the early extension flaw in your swing, you will lose your posture as you come into impact which prevents you from turning through the shot and holding on to power angles.

Nearly every teacher agrees that your hip turn is critical for proper impact and compression, and early extension prevents the proper rotation in the follow through.  This leads to thin shots and shanks and all sorts of impact problems.

We've curated a number of early extension instructional materials that can help you improve this critical golf swing flaw.  By working through these drills, you will be able to make swing changes that can help you improve your early extension.

If you are interested in keeping track of your progress as you work through these drills, feel free to create a FREE account and use our golf instruction software.  You can create a team to help you, keep track of notes and swings keys and much more.

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