Calculate Golf Handicap

Let's give it a try with our easy to use tool. It will calculate an unofficial handicap for you based on a single score for a specific golf course.

If you and your golf group just want handicaps for your local game, feel free to get a handicap for every player!

Follow these Steps

  1. Get the Course Rating and Slope Rating from the USGA Course Rating and Slope Databaseā„¢ for the course you play the most. An an example, the White tees at Pebble Beach show an 18 hole Course Rating of 71.8 and a Slope Rating of 134. If you usually play 9 holes, use the 9 hole rating!
  2. Average the best 10 scores from your last 20 rounds at the course you choose. If you haven't played 20 rounds, just enter an average score. Remember that our calculator is just estimating an unofficial handicap based on your entries.

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