Golf Chipping Tips to Improve your Up & Down Percentages

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How many times have you played golf with someone that has a great short game?  Their ball striking might be suspect, but they beat a lot of players because their chipping and overall short game are spot on.

If you're good enough to be around the green in regulation, the fastest way to lower your scores will be practicing your chipping, pitching and putting.  There are many chipping tips out there, but we've tried to focus on the ones that will pay the most dividends in a short time period.

Think about it.  PGA Tour professionals, the best putters in the world, make 99% of their 3 footers, but just 70% from 6 feet.  And at 10 feet that number drops to just 41%. So when you improve your chipping, and consistently get the ball closer to the hole, you will also make more putts which means lower scores.

We've curated a number of chipping tips that can help you improve your short game.  Spending as much (or more) time on your short game as you do your full swing is the fastest way to lower your scores.  All low handicappers practice chipping on a regular basis.

Their are a lot of chipping styles, but all of those styles have a lot of common denominators.  The chipping tips we've selected are ones that highlight the fundamentals that all great chippers have in common.

If you are interested in keeping track of your progress as you work through these tips and drills, feel free to create a FREE account and use our golf instruction software.  You can create a team to help you, keep track of notes and chipping keys and much more.

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