Launches Golf Instruction Social Media Platform

Free web application allows users to share information to improve their golf games

CANTON, MI, October 3, 2019 – has announced the launch of its new social media platform for golf instruction. The FREE portal allows users to create posts from YouTube videos, and collaborate with others to organize their practice and keep track of progress. gives users the option of creating teams to share information. Swing coaches can work with students on changes and collaborate via the portal. As the user base grows, the portal will add additional features to help members improve their games.

“There is a ton of great content out there for improving your golf game, but it’s so scattered and unorganized it’s hard to remember what works and what doesn’t,” says creator Mark Morton. " gives us a platform to organize and track what’s working, what’s not working and how to practice.”

Golfers around the world can create a FREE account at


Golf instruction is everywhere, but there is nowhere for all of us to bring it together and collaborate. Not until now! With GroupChips, we can all create a FREE online resource that allows us to share information and drill down into the swing changes and tips that most help our games.


Mark Morton

Morton Technologies LLC