Reddit Golf discussions can be added to your GroupChips account

Many golfers look for instruction and swing advice on the Reddit Golf subreddit. Reddit is a great resource for golf instruction but it can be overwhelming in terms of the amount of information available. With GroupChips you can archive Reddit posts and store your own private swing keys, tips, and other information you need to improve your golf game.

Also with GroupChips you can start your own private team and work on the information from the Reddit post. Invite your golf coach, your league partner, or whomever you'd like to review the information and help you apply it to your game.

To add a Reddit Golf post to your GroupChips account, just get the URL from your browser (example: and paste it into your GroupChips post creation field. And you're good to go!

Reddit is just one source you can use at GroupChips. YouTube, Twitter or any web page can be added to your account so that you can create your own private golf instruction library and work with your private team to Get Better!